The empirical personality typing (EPT) method relies on observable patterns in human movement and speech. It distills the chaotic array of expression down to 7 consistent dispositions. Because of the largely involuntary nature of these dispositions, we refer to them as the subconscious cues (SC). They are the universally observable indicators of one’s inner cognitive structure. 

The EPT course showcases over 80 individuals (and counting) from various backgrounds in a controlled environment so you may easily observe their visual and vocal nuances. 


  • 12+ hours of video content explaining the SC, their background, manifestations, connection to the cognitive functions and natural variations 
  • Plenty of sample SC footage complete with commentary and analysis 
  • Multimedia references and optional exploration 
  • Practice quizzes 
  • Empirical Personality Ebook 


  • Full-length videos of 80+ participants (~40 hours of footage)
  • 2+ new participants added to the library per month
  • Designated video clips featuring the specific SC of every participant (600+ clips)
  • 15+ new clips added to the library per month


  • 2 type together sessions per month for the first year (includes full-length videos of 2 new participants, 1 video lesson and 1 live lesson)
  • Archive of previous lessons


  • Exclusive Discord community
  • 1 virtual social event per month